Leslie’s Letters : Ron & Michele Arrived!

Bienvenue a Raiatea nos amis Ron and Michel Bruchet!

April 24, 2017

Hello Mom and Dad – I know you had some busy days getting packed up for your time in LQ and travels to Tucson.

Just wanted to say hello and let you know Ron and Michele arrived yesterday safe and sound carting along a HUGE duffel bag full of our boat parts, amazon orders, and Spicy Hot Cheetos X 6 big bags for the boys! It was a bit like Christmas sorting through the various orders. Wonderful fun. Michele was sweet to also bring some fun new spices that will liven my cooking. I have been feeling a bit bored with my general menu fare – so that will brighten things up a bit for sure.

Feeling a bit tired today as yesterday we did a lot of cleaning in prep for our guests’ arrival. Ron and Michele went for a hike up Tapioi while crew Kandu worked on various chores to get ready to depart. Ron and Michele are sweet, sweet, sweet yet I imagine their minds are a little boggled having to deal with the smallness of space, and not being able to get everything one might want at a moment’s notice. Fortunately the stores stock oatmeal and okay wine which was on their list. Organic foods and non-gluten are available, but very expensive. In general food is expensive except for white rice, white flour, boxed milk, white sugar, canned butter and baguettes, which are considered “daily needs” and are subsidized. I don’t buy the expensive organic or fancy items; note-to-self, organic or raw peanut butter is nonexistent. Skippy it is and Nutella, of course! Buying raw nuts here is impossible. Fortunately I have a good supply that I hoard in the freezer for banana bread. Being away from the US commercial haven of the world for the last 2.5 years, I no longer think about the things that we can’t get, just the things that we can.

Sending you hugs and love. Gotta get lunch on. Maybe Sashimi today. Mmmm good.

Tuna Sashimi over a bed of cabbage and grated carrots served with rice and quinoa! Fresh!

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  1. Loved reading the last 2 “Leslie Letters.” Hearing about your sewing projects, looking at the photo of things in your shopping cart, your guests and what they bring, the spices that brightened your day, the small ping pong video, hiking, being shown how to make tortillas, saying good bye to your car at the end of last month … gives Rick and I an idea of your daily life! Good to read it all.

    Our current goings-on: Tonight we’ll drive to Allison and Grant’s house to babysit one-year old Cooper – our commitment to them twice a month on Monday and Tuesdays. ( We put ourselves on this babysitting schedule so we’d see them on a regular basis!) Rick did a 9-day hiking trip in 5 National Parks in Utah and Arizona with 4 other traveling buddies. I went to the L.A. Times Festival of books held at the USC campus and listened for 2 days to panels of like-genre authors being interviewed by LA Times reporters. It’s my 3rd year in a row with 2 friends who are readers. While there, we went to a new museum, The Broad, and ate in some fabulous restaurants- downtown LA-ish. Scott and Jamie are expecting child #3 in June, a boy they’ll call Sawyer. We see their kidlets once a week and swim in their pool, hike, do puppet shows, play trains … very active stuff. I still have the occasional design client (yay), and just threw a garden luncheon for 25 lady friends at the peak of our 5′ tall poppies and blooming-their-heads-off roses. We are taking Amtrack for 3 days to see the Kohuts&Betsy and Gary. Fun times. Bisous!! Cick&Rindy

    1. Hello you two, Cick and Rindy!!

      Great to hear from you and that my “Leslie’s letters” blog section are being appreciated. We often have deep thoughts inspired by our travels, but they don’t always get written…. My letters tend to recount more daily events and happenings as you mentioned – and these at least recount what we’re up to. Eric has been working so hard on the boat, that he simply hasn’t had the energy to write for the blog, although, he has been posting small blips on Facebook and Twitter. With our limited wifi, it’s challenging.

      Indeed saying goodbye to our car was a bummer. The convenience it provided us to tootle around Papeete and Raiatea was powerful. Uncle Bill sure didn’t like it when it broke down while he was visiting.

      I love hearing about how you two are spending so much wonderful time grand-babysitting. Your babysitting schedule is an inspiration. I hope to build that into my life whenever (if ever) that occurs! You two would definitely have great ideas keeping the little ones busy and learning in creative ways! Here we are in June – the new grandchild should be along soon now. Exciting!

      I love that you attended the USC Festival of Books…when we’re back – that would be something I’d like to do too. I just finished reading “The Poisonwood Bible.” It was not a simple read that’s for sure…thought provoking and I learned a lot about the Congo during their revolution in the 1960’s. I’m sure you picked-up some ideas on good reads. Any books you’d recommend? I too love to read.

      Sounds like Rick has been keeping active with his hike in the 5 National Parks…I imagine they camped out too. My parents had a fabulous time touring Bryce Canyon recently. Even rode donkeys. haha Glad to hear that you’ve got a few design clients in your back pocket to keep your art mind sharp. Nice.

      There are definitely great downtown LA restaurants. One of my favourites is “Yang Chow” that serves a most delicious “Slippery Shrimp.” My opera colleagues and I ate there often during dinner breaks. I believe it’s located on Broadway in China Town.

      Your garden luncheon sounds like perfection with your flowers all in bloom. That was quite a bit of work to stage for 25 ladies.

      We are presently hanging out in Musket Cove, Fiji in the Mamanuca Islands. It’s an idyllic spot – the first Fijian resort – but we’re here mostly for the surf. A couple famous surf spots drew us to this area and we happened on by accident the international Fijian surf competition. Bryce and Trent surfed the famous Cloudbreak today with some famous surfers…Bryce paddled over to one he recognised and shook his hand. Dad was there video taping. Hopefully they got some good shots. Haven’t yet looked at all the media.

      I have quite a lot of material to type that Eric and I composed during our night watches. I hope to post those onto the blog before we depart. The boys also have some short articles that they will be writing regarding what they learned about Samoa and Fiji. Always great to hear from you. Loved your newsy response! Please give our regards to Allison, Grant, Scott, and Jamie.
      Bisous back to you. Leslie

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