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Kandu is teaming up with marine researchers, charities, numismatists, and middle schoolers from around the world to collect data and information.  Two organizations; Adventure and Science, and Citizen Scientists; match explorers with scientists and their studies based on intended environment, locations, timing, and ability of the adventurers.  Kandu is learning which studies best suit the crew’s circumstances. The family will have direct contact with the scientists in charge of each study.  One such study initiated by Richard Kirby uses a Secchi disk to measure phytoplankton levels around the world.  He and his team work out of Plymouth University in Plymouth, England (from where the Pilgrims left aboard the Mayflower in 1620). Yacht Aid Global provides needed supplies to remote communities.  Kandu will participate in this wonderful organization.  Coin collecting, “the hobby of kings,” is global.  Coins provide cultural clues as to what a society deems important.  With the help of young numismatists, Kandu will unlock some of the wonder imprinted on a country’s coins.  And middle schools, such as El Segundo, Huntington Beach, and Ventura will tie in to Kandu’s adventures, as the enlist middle schoolers from other countries as ambassadors.

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5 thoughts on “Science, Exploration, & Volunteering”

  1. Hello Explorers!

    I am interested in learning about how my 5 – 8th graders can communicate with you while you are on your adventure. This sounds really exciting and we look forward to sharing hearing from you.


    Rita Bouchard
    Middle School Science Educator – Da Vinci Innovation Academy

  2. Hi Leslie & Eric,
    I hope you remember me. It was 23 years ago in LA!
    What a wonderful website you have built. We would be pleased to host you during your stop in France. The only problem: we live in Orleans (1 hour South of Paris) and you will be obliged to sail upstream the Loire River!
    But why not? In the Middle Age, Orleans was well developped because of trade along the Loire river. But at this time, boats used horses to go upstream and fight against the river current…

    I hope you are all well and am looking to hearing from you soon!

    Olivier (and Valérie, Héloïse and Clara!)

  3. Hi Eric & Leslie,

    I don’t know if you remember me: I met you in LA during Summer 1991 where I had an internship in Leslie’s company.

    I really love your website and I wish that your projects can become real.
    If you come to France, do not hesitate to sail upstream the Loire river (as people did in the Middle Age!) and visit us in Orleans (100 km South of Paris)!

    Kind regards,

    Olivier (and Valerie, Heloise and Clara) from sunny France

    1. Bonjour Olivier…bien sur je t’en souviens. C’est super que tu as trouve notre website.
      (Je pratique mon français) Nous avons pense de voyager sur la Loire…ca serrait avec 44 chevaux de diesel.
      Le problem et notre mast qui a 55 pieds un peu près 20 metres de l’eau. Il fallait que nous l’enlever…de
      plus, notre bateau a voile Kandu a 2 metres de profondeur.
      De toute façon – nous passerons certainement de sud en voiture et c’est sure que nous prendrons le temps de
      dire bonjour a nos amis. Nous aimerons biens passer par Orleans – un region que je n’ai jamais visite.
      Merci d’avoir écrit sur notre website…deux fois! Nous resterons en contact!
      A bientôt,
      Leslie (Eric, Bryce et Trent) de Ventura

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