Aboard Kandu


Suva Harbor, Fiji
Kandu on the ocean blue, healed over +10 degrees.

Port Apia Marina, Samoa

Bryce Rigney, the eyes of Kandu.
Eric Rigney sending delorme texts while enjoying the open cockpit air.

Hoisting the Q (quarantine flag) and the country courtesy flags 2015
Far from land, boobie takes a break. Trent investigates.
Marina d’Uturoa, in Raiatea, and island 20 miles from honeymoon famous Bora Bora.
Kandu anchored in Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva!
Nuku Hiva, Marquesas landfall 24 days later.

Things are looking up!
Cast-off and sailing into the Big Blue Yonder with Bryce Rigney as the King-of-the-World – VIDEO.

Beware of Pirates!!

Kandu and a Huahine Sunset

Trent very happy to be anchored in North Fakarava after 5 days at sea!
Plank & Bicycles…a tenuous descent for sure
Med-moored or Tahiti tied together like sardines

Enjoying Kandu
Ron caught looking on.
Kandu Foredeck an hour before sunset.
Sunset view looking out from the little wharf in Taiohae Bay.

Swing set up off Kandu in Vaitahu, Tahuata.
Kandu’s boat swing at sunset in Vaitahu, Tahuata, Marquesas.
Trent back in Taiohae aboard Kandu, after Eiao, ready to head ashore.
Kandu in Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas
Repairing a propane issue.
. . . and giving in.
Arriving in the Galapagos on Uncle Bill’s birthday, a lot to celebrate!

Leslie observes changes in sea and sky. (photo by Eric)
Steel grey sea, close to the equator (photo by Leslie)
Trent learns mathematics. (photo by Eric)

Eric and Trent take advantage of nicer weather. (photo by Leslie)
Trent captures sleep between watches. (photo by Leslie)
Found our anchoring spot.
Leaving Ensenada for Islas Cedros, our first overnight passage.
On our way south, down Baja coast.
Bryce and Trent on watch.
Kandu in Ensenada
Treasure of Bahia Maria
Bryce catching Zzz’s while he can.
Looking for the perfect break to anchor
Bryce ready for some snorkeling action
Trent’s in!
Kandu anchored in the clear waters of Northeastern Cedros Island.
Approaching Islas Cedros, the chart plotter shows Kandu’s location
Trent joins sunrise watch to read Harry Potter.
Kandu before leaving Puerto Ensenada for Isla Cedros
Leslie as we come into Cedros Island after two nights at sea.
Kandu moored at Ensenada’s Cruise Port Village
Kandu awakens before the Chula Vista Yacht Club, originally est. 1883.
Newly renovated Silver Gate YC’s Jacuzzi view of Kandu
Kandu at historic San Diego Yacht Club, est. 1888
Thundershowers at San Diego’s Southwestern Yacht Club
‘8 Crazy Nights’ at the Oceanside Yacht Club
Kandu at California Yacht Club before departing to Long Beach
Cockpit in 2012, pre- dodger and upgraded electronics.
Kandu’s Mast

Aft Cabin in 2012, before moving aboard

Galley in 2012, before moving aboard
Fo’c’s’l in 2012, before moving aboard
Main Saloon in 2012, before moving aboard
Kandu” floating” on the hard.
Tatyana Vancouver 42 Center Cockpit Interior Layout (Kandu differs slightly)
Tatyana Vancouver 42 Center Cockpit Deck Layout
US Navy Yacht Club, Kandu awaits arrival of new controllers to San Diego.
Sunforce Marine 600W mounted on Kandu’s poop deck.
Things were looking up, passing under the Coronado Bridge on our way to Chula Vista Marina
Deren prepares inspection plate removal from saddle tanks.
Among the many tasks Deren completed, adding two emergency backstays was one.
Cutting diesel impervious nitrile into inspection plate gaskets for Kandu’s fuel tanks at the Silver Gate Yacht Club guest dock.
Long time friend, Deren, sporting two sets of eye glasses and an LED spotlight, helps me determine next steps.
Forecasted thundershowers arrive in San Diego
With his infectious smile in the cockpit of “Pretty Penny”, Yon, ABYC’s most generous prince of hospitality, reminds Bryce how good life is.
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club sunrise with Kandu
Kandu arrives at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (photo Dave Terman)
Kandu in all her cruising glory within Del Rey Yacht Club’s “Battleship Row”

Kandu’s Ventura Docklines
Ventura Marina dawns
Radio installation mess.
Kandu’s new post-Thanksgiving slip, her fourth in six weeks.
A box of “pet food” awaits Kandu.
My best itinerary guess as of this writing
Kandu’s waterline today.
The darker part of the red bottom paint is the portion previously exposed.
Photo by Dina Pielaet
Kandu at Ventura West Marina
Tools cleared to access water maker plumbing
Trent tested folding bike cart on folding bike.
My 80 yr-old dad sailing with us after Leslie’s plunge
Gennaker off Santa Cruz Island.
Anchor Used to Locate “Baby Jesus”
Trent Demonstrates Spare Air

Too long, but not too late

Calm Before the Puffs
How hard can it be?
How to make it all fit . . .
Friday Morning Begins
Sorry, Dad . . . .

Reflecting on Kandu

Sailing Kandu Around the World