So Much To Share, How to Start?

Ua Pou Hakahau
Kandu moored off picturesque Hakahau Bay at Ua Pou in the Marquesas Islands

Since entering Mexico, sailing down the Baja coast to the Puerto Vallarta region, then to the Galapagos, and now at the Marquesas, so much has happened.  We want to share all of it, but how?  Do we apply our posts in chronological order of our travels, or do we skip around to what’s of interest at the time, present and past?

Yesterday, Trent started college here in Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, the first American to do so.  Bryce started today.  Their fellow students are nearly all Polynesian, with the occasional French child here and there.  Other foreigners, a New Zealander and a Russian, have attended previously, but as Americans, they make Nuku Hiva history.  The college follows the French educational system for its outer territories.  The class level numbers lessen as the child advances, thus the college takes kids from the 6th level to the 2nd.  The more advanced 1st level and higher academics are provided in Tahiti. Trent entered the 6th and Bryce, the 5th.  As they learn French, and if room is available, Bryce and Trent well be allowed to advance to higher grade levels (lower number).  Course work includes Math, Science (Biology and Earth), Technology, French, English, Marquesan, History and Geography, Art, Physical Education, and Music.  The student body is gentle and kind, everybody knows everybody and are typically related by some familial association.  What occurs at school is immediately reported to the family.  The teachers seem patient as French is also the Marquesan’s second language.  Trent’s principal teacher is the 6th level’s English teacher, so this circumstance falls well in his favor as he begins his transformation into the French language.

With the boys in school, we plan to give them time to learn French and thus stay in Taiohae, giving Leslie and I time to write and post our previous and current experiences.  We have plenty to write about, so stay tuned.

by Eric Rigney

9 thoughts on “So Much To Share, How to Start?”

  1. Given the news here in California this year, I think you have done well to remain in the Marquesas! We live such an artificial life here, full of artificial (scripted, fictional) media and political influences (whatever your personal philosophies). Perhaps now you can regain touch with real people and their real situations where real actions have real consequences, good or bad.

    Good choice!

    1. Thanks, Jim
      Events here continue to fall in our favor. Feels like hitting the “pause button” and immersing ourselves in the Marquesan-French culture was the right thing for us. We have access to everything we need, but not a lot of extras such as fast Internet, electronics, toys, and various clothing options. Having fewer choices seems to make for less stressful living. And you have to take care of what you have. Replacement is expensive and long-time coming. Eric

    1. Bonjour Garrett – We love hearing back from you. All are well here in the Marquesas on the most populated island Nuku Hiva. Our boat is anchored in Taiohae Bay and we’re here to stay for another 9 months or so while Bryce and Trent attend the local middle school. They are loving being around other kids as they’ve been stuck primarily with adult company since we left Ventura Feb 10th. Everyday they learn new French words and are comprehending more and more. The classes offered here include the usual: Math, Science, Geography/History, French, English, Music, PE. Yet they also get to study Technology/Computers, Art, and Marquesan! We found a second language French tutor that they see twice a week and we speak and work on French at home. All movies they watch now must be in French too! Today B & T are excited because new bikes for them are arriving on the Aranui III – a cargo ship from Papeete, Tahiti. Since we don’t have a car, bikes are extremely helpful to get around. My parents are arriving this Sunday to visit for three weeks. We are waiting with great anticipation their arrival. Jot us an email and tell us what you guys are up to. I know your mother keeps you busy with hyper interesting things! How’s the hunting and fishing going? Sending you, Wyatt and your parents all our love, Leslie.

  2. Yeah, good to hear from you and get a little caught up! Sounds like you are all settling in and the boys are off to another life changing event in their young lives. They are soooo blessed in soooo many ways! All is good here in CA, except still dry from the drought and lots of wild land fires. Our little lake has been full so we have been enjoying the cool clean water while it was over 100 off and on for the last few months. Looking forward to hearing more from all of you. 🙂

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