Becoming “Socially” Aware

Setting up our website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Delorme inReach services/accounts has been an education.  Just two days ago, I set up a RigneysKandu Facebook page.  Yesterday, I started working on getting our inReach SE satellite GPS coordinates to show up on a map somewhere on our website, so viewers will know where we are and where we’ve been.  Still working on this feature, so bear with me.  This morning I set up an email subscription feature on the blog page that allows readers to sign up to receive an email notification and link to our most recent posts.  This application will do the same with our Twitter account.  If you’re following us on Twitter, a similar notice and link will appear.  (I’m actually testing these features with this post!)

And if I can get it going, the inReach SE satellite device software, in addition to location mapping, might allow us to post text updates regarding our status from anywhere in the world to both our Twitter and Facebook followers (I think . . . ?).

So there’s a lot of upgrading going on.  Hope to start producing and posting videos soon too.

RigneyKandu social media links (so far):

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Twitter: @RigneysKandu

Instagram: RigneysKandu

Kandu in the palm of my hand at Oceanside Yacht Club
Kandu in the palm of my hand at Oceanside Yacht Club

One thought on “Becoming “Socially” Aware”

  1. glad to see we haven’t missed out on too much sailing excitement except the the washing machine effect. Have fun at the Mission.
    Rick and Eliane

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