Departure, the First One . . . . Finally

This dawn, after 4 decades of dreaming, 25 years of planning, 4 years of preparing, and 1 year of living aboard, we leave Ventura from the guest dock of the venerable Ventura Yacht Club.  With many well wishes and a bit of press, we release the cords that bind us to this wonderfully loving place, the birthplace of our departures with many more departures to come.  Ventura and the friends and family that occupy her, will be greatly missed.  We love you.

With love, the crew of Kandu bids adieu
With love, the crew of Kandu bids adieu (photo by Pascale Landry)

11 thoughts on “Departure, the First One . . . . Finally”

  1. So nice to see you all this morning as you prepared to cast off from the guest dock at VYC. You will be missed but we will follow your adventure from our computers. Be safe and enjoy.

  2. It was nice to come down with a cup of coffee to see you off and give our last hugs to you all. Eric, I really am glad I didn’t have to cut your dock lines…LOL! Safe travels!

  3. Good luck Eric & Family. You are amazing , you have fulfilled your bucket list. Many of us will never be able to say that.
    Jim & Lois Landry

  4. So proud of you guys! Not many people can say that they are sailing around the world…in fact I can’t name any. I am super excited to read your blog and I am officially motivated to start saving up, I WILL come meet up with you guys somewhere along the way. Although it’s going to be tough not being able to see my two little cousins growing up I cannot wait to see them when they are little men! Love you guys so much. P.s: I still find it fishy that it happened to work out that you are leaving exactly 25 years later 😉

  5. Bon Voyage! I will miss you all dearly, but I am so excited for you all! You are living your dream…not just dreaming it. I’m so proud of you all. We will definitely come to visit you in one of your exotic places…so many to choose from! We look forward to reading your blogs and following your journey with you. I love you guys! Xoxo

  6. Best wishes as you begin your adventure! Our mutual friend, Tom Tippets, thought we would enjoy following your voyage as our family did something similar in the mid-1970s. We departed Marina del Rey, sailed the South Pacific, and returned to alarm clocks and congested freeways 16 months later. Experiences from your voyage will remain with you forever! Enjoy, and be safe …

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