Better Now Than Later

Today, after a full day of working on Kandu with Uncle Bill and Jojo (pulling the water heater and install a multitude of electrical items), while I cleaned up down below and Trent & Leslie were at soccer practice; Bryce decided to  do what he’s been asked many times not to do–play on the handrails.  “It’s not like it’s gonna break, Daaad,” was often his reply, choosing to believe my instructions were intended to prevent fun rather than breakage or injury.   He was surprised and I was frustrated when his jump-up/pull-up abruplty pulled down the 80″ solid teak bar fastened above the galley.

I bit my tongue.  Fortunately no one was injured, nothing else was damaged, and we can likely repair it, making it even sturdier.  I texted a photo to Uncle Bill.  His response, “Better now than later.”

I told Bryce that we scold certain rambunctious behaviors because of their high injury or breakage potential, reminding him that jumping down the companion way was as equally foolish a practice.  Will he learn better to follow orders and appreciate the intention behind his parents’ directives?  Easier at twelve than 16, I suppose.  I certainly hope so.

Can we glue it?
“Can we glue it?”