Habits Strangely Missed

My first day as a non-working member of Sony Pictures was odd.  I awoke as normal, 5:30 a.m., but didn’t shower.  I took some time to blog.  Leslie made breakfast as normal. But then I didn’t have to rush off.  I handled the business of transitioning my cell phone plan.  It was stress-less because I didn’t have to be some place else.  I even joked with the associate on the other line, learning a lot about Mali, his home country.  Trent and I left the boat and drove off to consolidate items in a couple storage locations around Ventura. We cleaned the minivan and lunched at a place we hadn’t been before.  It was good.  I find myself considering cost unlike before, noting the prices on the menu, wanting to be economical.  When I worked at the studio, lunch was my little reward to myself for going to work.  That’s not necessary now.  The best part about yesterday was that I was able to work well with Trent.  He said he liked working.  I was patient and helpful with him.  He found it fun to work on tasks that are simple.  It felt good just to hang with him.  Being April 1st, we played a trick on his brother.  Bryce took it in good humor, catching me soon after on one of his own April Fool’s pranks.  It was a good father and sons day.

In order to save some money on my phone plan, I had to drive back into Culver City.  I called one of my former managers along the way, just as I had always done before leaving Sony.  In a strange way, I liked the whole habit.  Driving over a hundred twenty miles, checking traffic conditions, streaming “This American Life” over the car’s sound system, felt normal; especially driving up PCH at sunset.  But this time, I wasn’t mentally exhausted when I got back to the boat.  We watched “Life of Pi” together.  It was more comfortable this time.  I didn’t carry the struggles of work.

My first day away from Sony did not bring a feeling of empowerment and invigoration as I had expected.  Instead, I feel like I’m starting my own business, a family business. I’m excited by the challenge.  Best of all, I am enjoying the simple tasks.


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  1. Great to see you at Fathers Office. Many blessings, safe journey, and good life to you and the family. Will check your blog from time to time. Post Sony I have been so blessed and so very happy. Same to you.

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