On The Hard in Ventura

Kandu’s outsides are getting cleaned up: her 42-foot white and forrest green hull waxed, two coats of red copper bottom paint applied to her 6-foot draft, her reconditioned 3-blade Classic Max Prop installed and painted with zinc, 4 sacrificial zincs replaced, 17 seacocks lubed (replaced as needed), a new speed/depth/temp meter installed, and her 54-foot mast overhauled: 5 new halyards, 8 new sheaves, a new spinnaker crane at the masthead, 2 new jumper stays, corrosion and chafing abatement, a new 4G broadband radar, a new hailing speaker, a new antenna, a new wind speed and direction meter, a new LED tri-color masthead light, 2 new powerful LED spreader lights, a new LED steaming light, a lightning dissipater, and more.  Next week, Kandu goes back in the water.  The electronics installation will hopefully be completed soon and batteries added so we can close up all the interior walls and cubby spaces lifted open and exposed to run the cabling.  The family can start moving on board.

Our stay at the Ventura Marina and Yacht Yard has been pleasant.  Prior to owning the yard, the owner, Sam, studied whales for several decades, getting his Ph.D in the study.  He now owns and operates the boat yard, the adjacent restaurant/piano bar, and fuel dock.  With one of his two colorful Macaw parrot on his shoulder and a cigar between his fingers, it’s not uncommon to hear him offer maintenance solutions for the boat on his way to dealing with a fuel dock issue.  Then spot him seating guests in his elegant seaside dining room/piano bar.

On the Hard 1 On the Hard 3 On the Hard 2 Mast on the Hard

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