Ship’s Flag

Kandu Flag v3

Kandu:  The Genesis of Her Flag

Background:  A ship’s flag seemed a great way to celebrate our future home afloat, an emblem by which to identify her and possibly her crew.  The flag would therefore have to depict meaningful symbolism, telling her story and our journey with her.

Shape:  Traditionally boat flags come in one of two shapes: triangular or swallow tail.  Triangular is more common, especially among yacht clubs, so we chose to go with it.

“K”:  The letter “K” seemed an obvious point from which to begin, representing the boat’s name, Kandu.

Color:  Maritime tradition offers a series of signal flags that represent, among other information, the alphabet.  Letter “K” is a square comprised of two equally sized, vertically positioned rectangles: yellow to the left, blue to the right.  Incorporating the two-color split, we replaced yellow and blue with Kandu’s hull colors: white with forest green trim.

Circle:  The circle represents the globe and our intention to sail around it, during which our sailing vessel, Kandu, will be the center of our world.

Stars:  The stars depict the driving force of our journey—Kandu’s crew, the family: Trent, Bryce, Leslie, and Eric.  The fifth star represents Uncle Bill, and is in outline because, although he will not be aboard the entire trip, after years of preparing Kandu for our voyage, enhancing nearly every inch of her, his influence and spirit will always be felt.

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  1. This is so totally radical, but exciting. They always say travel is the best way to learn. So go for it!!
    With all God’s richest blessings peppering your way. Happy sails! Linda

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