Cruising World Hall of Famers

For more than a score of years I’ve been reading articles and, more recently, books from some of the best known and prolific writers on the subject of blue water cruising.  Two weeks ago, Leslie and I attended four days of seminars at the Pacific Strictly Sailing event in Oakland, California.  Many of the seminars were conducted by several of these English language icons: Jimmy Cornell, John and Amanda Neal, Liza Copland, and Kathy Parsons to name a few.  I was such a groupie, such in awe of these people.  When I told Jimmy Cornell that were this a rock n roll convention, he’d be Paul McCartney (his daughter, Doina Cornell, an author in her own rite, seemed unamused by the comparison).  Leslie and I spent a whole day with John and Amanda Neal as they discussed in precise detail the many facets surrounding successful voyaging in their “Offshore Cruising” seminar, certificate and all.  The following day we listened the whole day intently listening as Jimmy Cornell instructed us on he in’s and out’s of “Long Distance Cruising.”  We met many wonderful people, gathers some great information, and bought a few pieces of hardware including a 65# Mantus Anchor.  I even had the chance to stand beside the America’s Cup Trophy.  The four-day experience was uplifting and invigorating.  We’re so excited about our adventure. Check out the photos:

Jimmy Cornell   John and Amanda Neil  Liza CopelandDoina Cornell  Americas Cup