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Our family of four set off from California aboard the 42-ft. sailboat, Kandu.  Follow along as we sail around this great big wonderful planet and meet the extraordinary people who share it: their traditions, their methods, their perspectives.

Along the way, we volunteer, capture valuable ocean research data, and deliver needed supplies to remote communities.

Through words, sights and sounds, we share this adventure and the science surrounding bluewater sailing with innovative teachers, educational youth groups, and those interested in the process of amateur expeditionary exploration.

SEE WHERE WE ARE ON OUR MAP-SHARE SITE: https://share.delorme.com/RigneysKandu

WE KANDU NATURE – Up-close-and -personal experiences:

Incredible Indonesian Orangutans in Central Kalimantan at the Tanjung Putting National Park and at the Lombok Elephant Park near Medana Bay hanging with ‘Valentin.’

Sailing Kandu Around the World